L-shaped Shower Curtain Rod

L-shaped Shower Curtain Rod

A L-shaped shower curtain rod will surely make any bathroom a convenient place. You can have that easy to reach exquisite rod where you can hang your towel and robe if ever you feel that the hanger for your personal things is out of reach. Once, you are ready to take that refreshing bath in your corner bathtub, you will definitely feel comfortable.

When you have an L-shaped shower curtain rod, you can be assured that you are able to take a bath with a sense of privacy and security. Even if you take that shower for a long time, you are secured right in the confines of the shower area knowing that you are covered by the shower curtain around you.

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Whenever you have several family members at home, having an L-shaped shower curtain rod to hold the curtain in the shower area will surely create a comfortable atmosphere. If you only have one bath area at home, one family member can freely take a bath without the need of locking the bathroom. Other family members can use the toilet and also attend to their personal necessities without disturbing each other.

In terms of design, most L-shaped shower curtain rods would vary in the finish. Some of these rods would have polished chrome if you desire a silvery finish to match the other fixtures in your bathroom. Some other finishes are polished nickel, satin nickel, polished brass, and traditional gold. Polished brass finish is also well-loved by homemakers due to the elegant effect that it creates in the bathroom.

Usually, these shower rods would differ in sizes. The most common diameter is 1 inch. Sometimes, the difference among the rods would be with the wall flanges. These rods have a high durability and most are protected to prevent tarnishing and rusting.

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Some popular names that you can find at home depots and on the Internet that offer a wide array of L-shaped shower curtain rods are Kingston Brass, ShowerAuthority, and Maison Drake. They only produce high quality rods that will surely last for a lifetime. They also make sure that the rings are easily moved or slid whenever you use the bath area.

I always use an L-shaped shower curtain rod to match my corner bathtub at home. It is a Kingston brass rod and I can attest to the fact that it is one that has a high quality. The rod has been at home for three years now and until now it still looks like new.

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L shaped Shower Curtain Rod L shaped Shower Curtain Rod

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