Double Shower Curtain Rod

Double Shower Curtain Rod

When it comes to bathroom convenience, then a double shower curtain rod is the answer. Aside from providing you with a rod that could hold the shower curtain, it altogether provides you with a rod where you can hang your towels and robes. In fact, it is almost as if its name stands for having a double purpose – having a shower curtain rod, and having a rod to hold your clothes and other personal stuff as you comfortably take the shower.

These double shower curtain rods come in different types. You can find a curved or otherwise known as crescent shaped double shower curtain rod, and the straight type. The curved type can be used to bring out a more elegant effect in the bathroom. The crescent shape casts a smooth and absolutely soft form to it, making it a very good addition to the bathroom. If you want something without much added trappings, then a straight type would clearly suffice.

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The wall flanges of these rods may vary. Some would have quite large round shaped wall flanges while others may have rectangular types. If you would be the one to mount them, make sure that all the screws are there in the package and that a step-by-step instruction is included especially if it would be the first time that you get to install such an addition to the bathroom.

You can choose from the different finishes that are provided by excellent makers. You have chrome finish, nickel finish, and brass finish. If you want to find a classic brass double shower curtain rod, then you will surely find a good quality one from Polder, Shower Solutions, and Zenith. In fact, you will see that all the rods they produce can be considered as high quality and mostly are made to resist water. Even if you use the rod for years, you will find that it would not easily tarnish.

Most homemakers today would opt for this type of rod since it serves three purposes in the bathroom. One is for the shower curtain, another is for the towels, and the third is bringing that great look to the bathroom. For sure, with all these great reasons, you will find yourself looking for this type of shower rods as well.

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I’ve got a crescent shaped shower curtain rod at home. This if from Shower Solutions and I could attest to the fact that it did not fail me when it comes to usage and style. I find it very useful and convenient. If by chance I would have the budget to build a bathroom for the guestroom, I would still go for this type of shower rods.

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Double Shower Curtain Rod Double Shower Curtain Rod
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